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Natural debacterisé indigo

Natural indigo from indigofera leaves (Indigofera tinctoria L.). Produced in India. Blue shades.

This product similar to the precedent has sudden a débactérisation by autoclave (proceeded environment-friendly) which does not modify its color and which authorizes a use in cosmetic.

This Indigo Pigment does not suit soap coloration in blue. So, we recommend  to use Indigo Pigmented Oil (Réf : PH10), available on this website.

Ref Designation PU TTC Q  
P10DB-100 Indigo débactérisé sachet 100 g 56,40 €
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P10DB-50 Indigo débactérisé sachet 50 g 31,20 €
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P10DB-500 Indigo débactérisé sachet 500 g 187,20 €
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